Top Android Wear Apps | September 2016

Finding the top Android Wear apps can be tricky! Here are the three I've been using the most for September:

Sookie Says: http://savvy.life/2dmUH8Q
GLOW Watch Face: http://savvy.life/glowwatchface
Google Device Manager (Find my Phone): http://savvy.life/2cXqflV

Missed some of the past Android Wear videos? No problem! Here's the playlist with all of them: http://savvy.life/1YoQZhk

Moto Z Droid & Moto Mods Review

With the Moto Z Droid, customization isn't about what your phone looks like. It's about what it does. Snap-on "Moto Mods" give your phone a meatier battery, turn it into a boombox for your weekend cookout and transform it into a video projector for an impromptu movie night.

Find out more about Verizon's Moto Z: https://www.verizonwireless.com/smartphones/moto-z-droid/