Everpurse: Charge Your Phone the Stylish Way

Ladies, we have all been there.... It's not even the end of the day and your phone is already at the 30% battery mark with a FULL evening ahead. This is where the beautiful Kate Spade bags by Everpurse come in! These bags charge your iPhone (from iPhone 5 to iPhone 7+) by placing your phone right inside the bag and no cords are needed! Watch the video to learn more!

Why I Love the Huawei Watch Jewel + GIVEAWAY

During the holidays it seems that everything around us sparkles and shines. However, Huawei has made sure that you can always have added sparkle, shine and sophistication when it comes to their smartwatch any time of the year. I’ve teamed up with Krystal Lora to share our love of the Huawei Watch Jewel and to give you an opportunity to win one of these beauties just in time for the holidays. 


*This includes sponsored content, but all opinions are mine and mine alone.*

Google Pixel Review + 15 Tips and Tricks

The Google Pixel has topped my list of the BEST phone of 2017. We have seen a lot of new flagship phones this year, but after using the Google Pixel for a month, this is one I didn't want to give back to Verizon. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a much sexier design, but the Pixel has it beat hands-down in how fast it is, the camera is incredible, and Google Assistant is well on it's way to beating Apple's Siri. 

When using a new phone, it's also really helpful to have some good tips and tricks to get you start. I've also got you covered there with this video: