Google Pixel

What's On My Android: Pixel 2 XL Edition

I think I finally made up my mind on a setup for this Google Pixel 2 XL from Verizon! Find out what's on my Android in this video with all widgets, wallpaper, and icon pack linked below:


KWGT Kustom Widget Maker: http://savvy.life/2md1RFa
Subscriber Count Widget: http://savvy.life/2l5pxGv
Wallpaper - Wallrox - Maxyum: http://savvy.life/Wallrox
Nova Launcher: http://savvy.life/NovaLauncher
Widget - Handwritten Day by Wolfie Widgets: http://savvy.life/WolfieWidgets
Icon Pack: Graby Spin UI http://savvy.life/GrabySpinIconPack
Graphic Weather Widget: http://savvy.life/Weather

What's On My Google Pixel XL?

Find out what's on my Android Phone, specifically my Google Pixel XL! Everything from apps I use daily, other favorite apps, wallpaper, icon set, etc! 


KWGT Kustom Widget Maker: http://savvy.life/2md1RFa
Calendar Widget Month: http://savvy.life/2kS9Qas
Subscriber Count Widget: http://savvy.life/2l5pxGv
Flight Icon Pack: http://savvy.life/2l5mgH6
Lines Icon Pack: http://savvy.life/2md4GWU
Flynx: http://savvy.life/2md096D
Sound Off Reborn: http://savvy.life/2lL9fXe

Hidrate Spark Video: https://youtu.be/pETr-7ivG4s

Google Pixel Review + 15 Tips and Tricks

The Google Pixel has topped my list of the BEST phone of 2017. We have seen a lot of new flagship phones this year, but after using the Google Pixel for a month, this is one I didn't want to give back to Verizon. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a much sexier design, but the Pixel has it beat hands-down in how fast it is, the camera is incredible, and Google Assistant is well on it's way to beating Apple's Siri. 

When using a new phone, it's also really helpful to have some good tips and tricks to get you start. I've also got you covered there with this video: