Android Wear Watch Faces

Savvy Watch Face Collection with Facer

Facer has been one of my favorite places to go for some of the best watch faces for my Android Wear (now Wear OS) watch. I've admired many of the designers and their collections but still felt myself looking for faces that fit me, my personality, and style. This is where my original idea came for my own watch face app, GLOW by Stephanie Carls. This app was developed with Hyperflow Labs and they did an outstanding job of incorporating my desired style as well as the option to take a photo of something and incorporate those colors into a custom gradient. However, there's always that desire for more, right?

I took a stab at designing my own watch faces within Facer's own design studio called Creator and was shocked! It was a breeze to pick up and while my minimalistic taste is easy to design around, I'm looking forward to expanding my horizons with cool animations and such. 

This video shares a quick look at the first round of watch faces available in my new collection and I'm really excited to continue to add to it. While many of the designs will be female-focused, I'm open to other designs that anyone could enjoy. Let me know if there is something you would like to see!

Android Wear Watch Face: Glow by Stephanie Carls

I'm not one to keep secrets very well.... It's been hard to keep this one silent, but I'm EXCITED to announce the GLOW Watch Face that I designed with Hyperflow Studios. This watch face and app is now available in the Google Play store. Watch the video to see an overview of what this beauty can do. 

Some of the feedback has been amazing... Thank you!! 

Best Android Wear Watch Faces

Feel like you could search for days with all of the Android Wear watch face selections? Your collection of watch faces might be growing, but are you happy with them? Let me share my top four places for watch faces. Customization options, color, cool designs, and unique animations -- I've got you covered with this video! 

I'm always sharing fun #watchfaceoftheday photos on my Instagram account, so come on over and follow along. If you share yours, just tag me -- would love to see your favorites! 

Watch faces included in the video:

My Savvy Life Curated Facer Collection: https://www.facer.io/collection/mysavvylife
Dress Watch: http://savvy.life/1Q7CLwN
Watch Faces by Hyperflow: http://savvy.life/1Rpopck
ustwo Watch Faces: http://savvy.life/1mZ6Uon
Facer App: http://savvy.life/1q0rWV7

NEW: GLOW Watch Face (designed by me!): http://savvy.life/glowwatchface

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