Top Android Wear Apps

January: Top Android Wear Apps

It's a new month featuring two new Android Wear apps! This month you'll be sure to be entertained with a game called PaperCraft as well as a new app launcher called Bubble Widgets + Wear Launcher. Watch the video to find out more!

November: Top Android Wear Apps

Notifications on your smartwatch are always great, but what if you could make them better? How would you do that? Well, through customized vibration patterns to help you distinguish one app from another. This month, my two featured Android Wear apps will help you with that as well as bring in some fun with the Shazam app for music!

Feel The Wear app is here to save the day when it comes to notifications. The app is free, however, I did pay for the premium version of the app to get the full experience. I'm glad I did as it allows you to create custom vibration patters right from the phone's screen. Plus, Quiet Hours are available to help minimize the amount of notifications you receive during a certain part of the day and/or night. This helps out a lot if you don't charge your watch every day.

If you are a music lover like myself, I always love using the Shazam app to find out the title and artist of a song that I'm hearing while I'm out or even if I hear it on the radio. Now, I can have the app right at my fingertips as Shazam launched their Android Wear app. Find out the name of the song, the artist, and even see the lyrics move in real-time with the song. 

Each month, I've featured two to three new apps for your Android Wear device, so if you've missed any of them, you can find them on the Android Wear App playlist on YouTube and I've also placed it below. It does start with the newest video, but just skip around to the one you would like to watch.

October: Top Android Wear Apps

Another month is upon us and what does that mean? New Android Wear apps to review! This month there are three apps in this video that highlight even more ways that you can leave your phone in your purse or pocket and do things right from your smartwatch. 

Mini Wear Launcher: With Mini Wear Launcher, you can access your apps easier than in the standard settings screen. You have also access to quick settings with the double swipe gesture. You can change the brightness of your wear device, change the wifi state, the ring mode of your handheld or make it ring to find it back! Plus, customize it via the app on your phone. 

Wunderlist: I'm the type of person that operates by a To-Do list every single day. This includes my grocery list! Don't juggle your phone in the store anymore -- just check each item off from your wrist!

Wear Tip Calculator: Leave your phone in your purse when the check comes! In three steps, you can find out the tip as well as figure out how to split the bill if eating out with friends.