GoPro Winners Announced


It was amazing to see all of the submissions from people wanting to win one of the GoPro cameras to help them capture their life moments. If I could give everyone a camera, I would do it! The thought that you all put into each and every one of the submissions really was touching. I read through every single one of them and was finally able to narrow it down to two people...

As the parents of a child with a very rare genetic disorder, we are trying to give our three-year-old daughter as many life experiences as we can. In November, our daughter was diagnosed with INAD (infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy), which is a regressive disease meaning she will never walk or talk. Most INAD children don't live to see their tenth birthday. Since we found out, we have been trying to provide her with the most opportunities that we can. Our community has been unbelievably supportive, giving her the chance to dunk a basketball, throw out a first pitch, and even be a queen. We would LOVE to have a GoPro camera to capture some of these very special experiences. She has also been granted a Make-A-Wish trip to see the dolphins in Hawaii this August, and it would be a great way to remember our very special trip. 

Hey Stephanie! My name is Michelle and I am graduating from San Jose State University next week and I am so excited! I want to be able to capture all the goodbyes and good times with my peers as we throw our caps into the air as celebration! It has been a bumpy road for me with a few set backs but I kept pushing forward and I am so proud to say I am walking across the stage next week. The celebration is going to continue down to Disneyland, where I will hope capture my boyfriend's first trip to the happiest place on earth, celebrating not only my graduation but our two year anniversary. This will probably be my last summer at home with my family as well and I have been wanting to compile home videos for my mom. She loves watching the ones from 20 years ago, and it would mean everything if I could give her updated ones. So Stephanie, as you can see there isn't just one first moment I want to capture but several. I want to look back when I am older and see the smiling faces of my loved ones in memories that are forever captured. It would be amazing. Thank you!!!