My soulmate was found in Solemates


With the weather turning sour in Austin this past weekend, I started to panic thinking of how I was going to avoid sinking in the grass for my brother-in-law's outdoor wedding. Where do we all turn when this panic hits us? Our amazing friend, Google! There were a couple of products to choose from that promised to keep you from sinking during outdoor events, but honestly, they looked awful! What was really important in this situation? Not sinking, yes.....but would these be noticed by the guests? In my search, I found myself falling "head over heels" in love with Solemates High Heeler

I even sent a tweet saying how excited (and thankful) I was to have found them! Thanks to their social team for the response and even for the personal note they added in my package!

Not only were they easy to put on my heels, these would be the winning addition to my wardrobe for the day. As the weather continued to rain, the wedding was placed inside a pavilion. Were my heels saved? Not quite.... The walk from the main house to the pavilion was all bricks. By adding the Solemates to my heels, this gave me the added surface area on the bottom to give extra stability for uneven surfaces. After the wedding, we did end up in the grass for some photos, but this savvy girl wasn't sinking at all. 

If you have an event coming up or just want to protect your precious heels, be sure to check out Solemates! You'll only be sorry if you are the one sinking or twisting your ankle while walking.