Top Phone Chargers for Women

There are so many articles out there that give tips on how to conserve your phone's battery, but I still feel like with all the activities we do on our phones (email, social, photos, videos, music, etc), those batteries are still draining quickly! An easy fix if you are on the go is to have a portable battery to carry along with you. I like to have some fun options around, so here are my three favorites! 


Mophie Powerstation Mini - This has to be one of the lightest batteries I've come across, but yet packs enough power to charge my phone one and a half times. That's usually enough to keep me powered through till I need another charge (especially while traveling)! The Mophie Powerstation Mini does come in a variety of colors, so you'll be able to choose your favorite! 


Chic Buds Slim Power - Looking for something that adds some flair to your style? Look no further than Chic Buds! They have some fabulous designs to choose from that will have your friends turning their heads when you pull this out of your bag! 




Chic Buds Crossbody Power - We saved the BEST for last! Chic Buds also offers this crossbody bag that is ALSO a charger! Pretty cool, right? This is an item that I always have with me when I travel and run errands on the weekends. After being out the majority of the day, you will typically need a quick charge and the charger is built right into this bag. Now, you do have to remember to charge it back up though! 

Staying powered throughout the day doesn't have to be hard....it can be quite fashionable now :)