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2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label: Pure Luxury in a SUV

I was driving the all-new redesigned 2018 Lincoln Navigator for a week. Having to hand the keys over at the end was brutal. Once you watch this video, you'll see how beautiful this SUV is! Could you give it up after driving it? The video walks you through all of the fabulous features, so please make sure to watch! 


The 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Edition is nothing but super posh. That intricate chrome grill stands out, but especially when the Lincoln emblem in the center of the grill glows. After you get inside, you feel like you’ve entered heaven. Lincoln’s Perfect Position 30-way heating, cooling, and massaging seats are no joke. I could live in these! 


You are immediately drawn to the 12-inch touch display that runs Ford’s SYNC 3 platform and also includes Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Plus, the Navigator includes a “heads up display” that presents selected information on the windshield. Other cool tech features include wireless charging in the front, WiFi hotspot functionality for up to 10 devices, 6 USB ports, four 12-volt outlets and a 110-volt plug. 


The 2nd row also has the controls for the audio, temperature and more.  The pure digital instrument cluster shows off beautiful graphics as you change the driving modes. And let’s not forget the 20-speaker Revel II sound system, which can mimic the experience of being in the audience at a concert hall.


Some of the technology on the exterior include LED puddle lamps that light up as the driver approaches the car. Plus you have speed-dependent adaptive lighting which narrows the light beam as the car accelerates to reduce glare. 


The trim I was driving was the Black Label Destination Edition and even though it has a hefty price tag of $96,150, you could feel that it was worth every pretty penny. 

*Photography by Weston Carls 

* Review vehicle provided on behalf of Ford Motor Company

Sporty and Sexy: 2017 Lexus GS F Review

With it's aggressively stylish look, the Lexus GS F turns heads. But you have to look quickly as this luxury sedan blazes right by. After spending a week with the 2017 Lexus GS F, I was head over heels in love and it was very hard to give this beauty back. 

I felt like a queen driving this car as it held on to the curves while showing off it's power and speed that you would expect from a performance sedan. But when #reallife comes calling, it had enough room for my family and groceries. 

Being able to toggle between driving modes gave you the ultimate control over the driving experience. Normal drive mode is perfect for daily driving and when you are ready for the added thrills, easily kick it into high gear with the Sport or Sport + modes. ECO mode is also available to help with fuel economy, but when testing a sports sedan, what's the fun in that? 

The Lexus GS F interior gets your heart racing as soon as you slide into these luxurious seats. Soft leather with very small bolster and lots of padding keep you comfortable during the drive. Both the driver and passenger seats are heated and ventilated and that was needed in this ever-changing Austin, Texas weather.

Technology isn't lacking in this car either and, of course, has to be another favorite part of the Lexus GS F. The 12.3 inch display makes it easy to see the information you need. The ability to customize what is shown on each split screen is an amazing feature. Or, enjoy a full view of the map while you are on the road speeding to your next destination. While others aren't a fan of the joystick control, it makes it easy while driving to adjust settings. Much easier than a touchscreen where you are more apt to take your eyes off the road. Although I would like to see the support of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, I'll let that slide and hopefully we will see that in the future as it's coming standard on many other cars. 

Thanks again to Lexus for the amazing experience with the 2017 GS F. My heart is sad not driving this glamorous car every day, but that gives you something to dream about, right?

*Photography by Weston Carls 

* Review vehicle provided on behalf of Lexus