What's On My Phone

What's On My Android: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Edition

Another amazing phone is in from Verizon Wireless and this time, it's the Samsung Galaxy Note 8! More videos are coming, so please be sure to subscribe so you don't miss them. Here are the apps and widgets featured in the video: 

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker: http://savvy.life/2md1RFa
Vintypo Widget: http://savvy.life/VintypoWidget
Backdrops: http://savvy.life/Backdrops
Subscriber Count Widget: http://savvy.life/2l5pxGv
Flight Icon Pack: http://savvy.life/flight
Weather Channel App: http://savvy.life/weatherchannel

What's On My Android: Moto Z2 Force Edition

Curious what's on my Moto Z2 Force from Verizon? Here's my latest Android setup for you to check out! All mentioned apps/widgets are listed below.

TV Time App: http://savvy.life/TVTimeApp
Nova Launcher: http://savvy.life/NovaLauncher
Minimal Wallpapers: http://savvy.life/MinimalWallpapers
Materialistik Icon Pack: http://savvy.life/Materialistik
KWGT Widget: http://savvy.life/KWGT
Vintypo Widget: http://savvy.life/VintypoWidget
Month Calendar Widget: http://savvy.life/MonthCalendar
Subscriber Count: http://savvy.life/SubscriberCount
Weather Widget: http://savvy.life/WeatherWidget

What's On My Android: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Edition

Find out what's on my Android Phone, specifically my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus! Everything from wallpaper, launcher, icon pack and more!


KWGT Kustom Widget Maker: http://savvy.life/2md1RFa
Calendar Widget Month: http://savvy.life/2kS9Qas
Subscriber Count Widget: http://savvy.life/2l5pxGv
Delta Icon Pack: http://savvy.life/DeltaIconPack
Wallrox Wallpaper: http://savvy.life/Wallrox
Time Widget: http://savvy.life/TimeWidget
Lines Icon Pack (weather widget): http://savvy.life/2md4GWU

See another of my S8 Setups on EZ Tech's Channel: https://youtu.be/0QzMATYwpnw