Unique Gender Reveal

Announcing Baby Carls Gender!

Are you ready for a fun way to announce a baby's gender?!  We had a blast using our GoPro to capture the footage for the special event too!  I picked Chase up from school early and headed to the doctor to meet Drew.  From there, we had the sonogram done and asked the technition to place the sex of the baby in an envelope.  Once our doctor had an opportunity to also check out the photo and confirming the gender, we were off to the University of Texas Co-Op.  We picked out both a boy and a girl outfit and then took the envelope to the check-out counter.  It was fun to explain our plan to the clerks!  We had them take both outfits and as we walked away to another part of the store, they would open the envelope with the gender in it and ring up whichever outfit matched!  They wrapped up the outfit and helped us complete the transaction without showing us the price (just in case we would remember the prices on the outfits -- keeping it a secret as long as possible!)

Now -- we took the bag home and had fun opening the bag all together!  Chase was right ALL along! :)  It was fun to share the experience together and then include family in another reveal -- even on Skype! 

Memories made....that's for sure!