2017 My Savvy Life Holiday Tech Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner and I have some perfect gifts for all budgets! These are a collection of my favorite products from this year that you can share with your friends, family, or loved ones. Or...grab a gift for yourself!

Verizon Samsung Note 8: http://savvy.life/note8
Verizon Google Pixel 2 XL: http://savvy.life/pixel2XL
Ventev Charging Cables: http://savvy.life/VentevCable
Ventev Charging Dock: http://savvy.life/VentevChargingDock
Hyperdrive USB-C Hub: http://savvy.life/HyperDriveUSBCHub (USB-C)
http://savvy.life/VentevChargingDockMicro (Micro USB) 
http://savvy.life/VentevChargingDockApple (Apple Lightning)
HyperJuice USB-C Charger: http://savvy.life/HyperJuiceUSBCCharger
NVIDIA Shield TV: http://savvy.life/nvidiashieldtv
Google Home Mini: http://savvy.life/GoogleHomeMini

NVIDIA Shield TV - The Best Streaming Device for Families

We've had the NVIDIA Shield TV for about a month now and we are loving it -- especially our boys! The NVIDIA Shield is a streaming AND gaming device that has 4K HDR capabilities and runs Android TV. Both of our boys are able to use the system without our help and they love playing the games!

Hands-On with the NVIDIA Shield (First Impressions): https://youtu.be/7bQlDFRLuCg

NVIDIA SHIELD TV: http://savvy.life/nvidiashieldtv

*Thank you to NVIDIA for sponsoring this video.*