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The Creative Giant Show, Episode 42: My Savvy Life


Thanks to Charlie Gilkey for having me as a guest on The Creative Giant Show. Charlie is an amazing interviewer and it was fun to share my story with his audience. We covered a lot through the show, but here are some of the highlights: 

  • How I got interested in social media, video, and putting them together

  • Why it’s important to turn down opportunities that don’t fit your goals

  • How to take time off when “social is a 24/7 job”

  • Why the number of Twitter followers you have is far less important than whether you can get people to act

  • Why technology can isolate us more, at the same time that it gives us more ways to connect with each other

  • Why there can be surprising differences between how we’re perceived online and in person

  • Why a lot of college students are getting off of Facebook

  • Why your personal profile and your business profile can never be completely separate

See more about the show here and you can also listen below: 

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It's confession time

I'm really excited about the new video launching Wednesday for My Savvy Life. It's confession time for me, but I'll also share ways to avoid this, well, popular problem. In fact, stats are showing that 2-5% of the population have this problem, but I'm going to focus on the digital version. 

"The Confession"

Launching Wednesday.... I'm ready. Are you?

Posted by My Savvy Life on Monday, June 29, 2015

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SWonderlin Becomes Stephanie Carls

I'm really excited to take the leap with changing all of my digital profiles to reflect my married name of Stephanie Carls. This means a brand new YouTube channel, "My Savvy Life".  Starting with zero can be a little daunting, but who doesn't love a fresh start and a brand new opportunity to build something fun?  Be sure to follow me on all profiles: 

Twitter: @stephelisecarls

Instagram: @stephanie.carls

YouTube: My Savvy Life

Google Plus: Stephanie Carls