Wearables Subscription Service from Lumoid

Image via The Telegraph

Image via The Telegraph

With all of the wearable news that came out of CES this past week, it's sure to make your head spin if you are trying to decide on a wearable that is your perfect match. Lumoid (best known for their short-term camera rental service), is trying to help make your decision a little easier by offering a new wearable section. You can order a box that includes five different health trackers to try at home. Once your decision has been made (you have a week to try them), you can order it from Lumoid's online store for a new unit and return the box of the used gadgets. Brilliant, right? If you don't find one that you like, there is a $20 handling fee to ship the devices back, but to me, this sounds much easier than buying these wearables to try out and then having to return back to the stores (numerous times)!

In the Lumoid wearable's store, you have about 25 options to choose from, ranging from Jawbone to Misfit and fitness trackers to smartwatches. 

So, if you are looking for a wearable this year, this might be the perfect way to try it out!

As of April 2, Lumoid is now offering Android Wear devices!

Via: Daily Dot