Favorite Travel Tech Gadgets

Traveling can sometimes seem like a chore especially when you need to stay connected and powered up throughout the day. Your bags start filling up with an endless mess of charging cords and as many external batteries that you own for your tablet and phone. What if some of that hassle can be taken away? In this new video, I'm sharing my favorite tech gadgets that I travel with. Now, while I'm not here to make your trip a breeze, I at least know you'll feel so much better knowing all devices are powered up (including your Macbook) with one, yes ONE, charger for them all. 

Let me introduce you to Hyper and their HyperJuice2 external battery. Not only will this charge 2 USB devices at a time, but it also charges your Macbook. This beauty can give me 24 additional hours on my Macbook Air and this is also while it's charging my tablet and phone! The device featured is their 100 wH model and weighs about 1.6lbs. It's more weight in your bag, but it's so much easier than the hunting game you find yourself on when looking for outlets in the airport or conference center. 

Now that you are taken care of in powering all of your devices, let's move along to staying connected. I've got a cool product to solve this, but before showing that, it's always fun to explore new areas and try new things, right? Check out the site WorkFrom. This is an insider's guide to the best coffee shops, cafes, bars, and other shared spaces to get work done across the planet. Best way to find hidden gems and local favorites! After searching for the city (or even down to address), you'll see wifi speeds, access to power outlets and other important information about the spots. Don't forget to leave your recommendations of your favorites to help others out. 

If going to a spot to work isn't an option, this is where my next favorite product will help out. This nifty little guy is called Karma Go. This is one of the best hotspots around as it isn't tied to a mobile carrier or monthly data plan. This is a pay-as-you-go hotspot where you buy data in 1, 5, or 10GB increments and when it runs out, you can choose to buy more. Data never expires and it's tied to your accounts, not the hotspot -- so you can connect to another Karma Go in the wild and use the data you paid for. Cool, right?? Others can connect, but they don’t need your password — they create a new Karma account and when they do, you both get a free 100MB of data to use. Remember, data is tied to your account not the hotspot and everyone’s traffic is kept completely secure — once they run out of data, they don’t start eating into yours. Supports 8 users at a time so there’s no downside to letting someone else on. 

Karma Go is so small and comes with a pouch to protect it in your bag or pocket. Download the companion app for Android or iOS and it shows your current battery and network strength, who’s connected to it, and your data usage by month, day or even hour.  

No reasons to complain of your phone or computer dying or lack of internet! I've got you covered!