Stephanie Carls is a speaker, brand ambassador, tech Youtuber and social media and video marketing strategist.

She is founder of My Savvy Life, a weekly YouTube video series, that showcases the latest in consumer tech, cars and digital lifestyles and has been featured in The New York Times, NBC News, and Huffington Post.

The success of her own personal brand has captured the attention of big brands and she was one of 25 women featured in the Nike Women “Make Yourself Movement” campaign. Stephanie’s love of tech has also landed her roles as brand ambassador and video host for events run by Chevrolet, Cottonelle, Marketwired and CBS’ “The Doctors”. You can also catch her as a contributor to Amazon Live.

She is now a sought-after speaker who shares her nuggets of high energy wisdom on personal branding, digital storytelling, video marketing and YouTube strategy. 

On top of all this talk about tech, Stephanie has designed her own custom Android watch face called GLOW by Stephanie Carls which can be found in the Google Play Store and created a GoPro bouquet to capture a unique perspective of her wedding day.

But she’s not only out in front of the camera. Stephanie works as VP, Strategy at DealerAlchemy and Content Strategist at Brain+Trust Partners.

Stephanie lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Drew Carls, and sons (Chase, 9 and Carson, 4). With all the new tech and cars she brings home to test-drive, Stephanie is not your average mom: “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” (Mean Girls, 2004)