Stephanie Carls is a speaker, video marketer, digital correspondent and founder of My Savvy Life, a weekly YouTube video series. Specializing in consumer electronics, Stephanie helps you navigate new devices, apps and tech tips to help you tap and swipe your way to a simpler and more “savvy life.” Her creative videos have landed features in The New York Times, NBC News, and Huffington Post. As a digital correspondent, Stephanie has represented brands at events like Chevrolet, Cottonelle, Marketwired and even Nexersys on CBS' “The Doctors”. 

Stephanie’s professional experience includes roles as a social strategist, customer relationship manager, and video marketer. Stephanie majored in Communication (with a focus in Corporate Communication) and double minored in Business and Advertising at Eastern Illinois University. In 2013, her alma mater named her the School of Business' Executive in Residence

Stephanie resides in Austin, Texas with her husband, Drew Carls, and sons (Chase, 8 and Carson, 3).

For those of you interested in everything that’s happening in technology, social media and business, you can connect with Stephanie on YouTube and Twitter