Brands have hired Stephanie as a spokesperson, social media correspondent, and as a brand ambassador. Stephanie has worked with brands on projects that include product demonstrations on the CBS show "The Doctors", hired as the SXSW Interactive video host for Chevrolet, featured work with GoPro, and more. 

If you would like to partner with Stephanie on an upcoming project, she would love to hear from you










“I’ve had the privilege of working with Stephanie (Wonderlin) Carls for over a year now. As our “Social Media Correspondent” interviewing executives and VIP guests at client events, Stephanie was extremely poised and professional. She has a wonderful on-camera presence and her energy, enthusiasm and smile can light up any room. ”

Deirdre Breakenridge, Pure Performance Communications

“Stephanie (Wonderlin) Carls is a powerhouse in the online world. She has a huge – ENGAGED – audience. Every single time she mentioned me in so much as a tweet, my brand gets more followers, exposure and revenue. Stephanie works to go above and beyond what she promised and will look for extra opportunities for you. While her reach continues to grow, so will yours. Her enthusiasm, energy and follow through is second to none. You will love working with Stephanie and being part of her team.”

Alesya Opelt, Alesya Bags

“I love working with Stephanie and introducing her to clients because she really understands the value of visual storytelling and how to execute it. In today’s information overload society, companies have to tell their stories in a visual way to resonate and be remembered. Stephanie understood that long before many other influencers out there. I also appreciate the authenticity Stephanie aligns with her subject matter expertise to tell stories. Her content never seems forced or staged. Instead, it comes off as a real and candid look into her family’s life and her perspective, which is what brands are looking for when they engage an influencer on their behalf. Plus, Stephanie is easy to work with and a good person, which goes a long way in my book.”

Justin Goldsborough, FleishmanHillard

“Stephanie is the consummate professional and a superb content creator. I have followed her work and growth for five years and think she is one of the bright young stars on the marketing scene.”

Mark Schaefer, college educator, author, speaker and consultant, Business Grow

"I knew from the moment I 'met' Stephanie online that she was someone I wanted to work with. She is someone who truly gets social media, video marketing, and how to leverage technology for business, entrepreneurship, and personal branding. What I especially love about her is how she's always evolving and so willing to share her best tips, practices, and resources. She's truly been a gem to collaborate with and i always look forward to any and all opportunities to work with her."  

—  Shauna Mackenzie VanBogart, founder, Best Kept Self

"Stephanie is an absolute pleasure to work with. We brought her on board for a webinar to share her strategies and expertise with our audience and she blew our expectations out of the water! She is well-spoken, knowledgeable, prompt, responsive, a beautiful communicator with a breadth of stories and experiences to share all related to new media technologies, video and social media marketing. She gave helpful, actionable information and was very generous in her responses during Q&A - our community really took advantage of her big-brand track record; they peppered her with questions about what kinds of camera equipment she uses for her shoots, what to do with negative people/responders, they even asked her about high-level social strategy for colleges and universities and of course, which new media platforms she personally uses, and why. Stephanie is a breath of fresh air plus, she was a ton of fun to collaborate with. I highly recommend working with her if you are ever blessed with the opportunity. And if you get to listen to her speak or meet her in person, LISTEN to every single thing she tells you. This woman knows her stuff! She's the real deal and overall, a terrific professional."

—  Rochelle Veturis Coles , CEO, Sister Act Media

"Stephanie Carls was a featured speaker and key element of ConvergeSouth 2015. We were fortunate to have her speak on a panel discussion on branding business using social media as well as a 2 hour lab on YouTube and video marketing. She was, without a doubt, one of our most popular speakers who presented actionable material that our attendees could effectively put to use immediately. She is energetic, engaging and speaks on a level that people can relate to and understand. We would welcome her expertise and enthusiasm back anytime."

—  Kristen Daukus, President, ConvergeSouth Conference


Stephanie Carls truly epitomizes what I consider to be both an amazing speaker and teacher. She's passionate about her craft and has an almost innate ability to deliver complex ideas in a simple and easy to understand format. As a speaker, she has the advantage of being able to share from her road-tested experience while offering actionable takeaways. She is such an easy person to work with, and quickly became one of the audience's favorites at Revolve Conference.

—  Karl Hudson Phillips, Founder, Revolve Conference