US Postal Service Shows Off Tech at CES 2017

As many of you know, I was just in Las Vegas attending CES and there for a very special reason! This video will show off this new first-of-its-kind technology from the United States Postal Service!

We see innovation all over, but the US Postal Service is taking smart packaging to the next level. Think back to sending all of those holiday gifts. That can be stressful, right?? Well, this is where the magical part kicks in as the US Postal Service is helping alleviate that anxiety, all while providing you with a dose of holiday cheer. I was testing out their new Christmas ornament called the Most Wonderful Ornament. It is a beautiful visual for tracking updates on packages.

This innovative ornament changes color as your package reaches it’s different tracking statuses. When the ornament is blue, it means your package is out for delivery. See it turn red? That means the item has been delivered. This is usually where your story stops until someone calls or sends you a note thanking you for your gift. But that’s where this gets amazing…The ornament will then light up green once your package has been opened! 

As the tech-lover that I am, this was awesome! There is a sensor located in the box that determines when the box is open and the ornament is equipped with the existing tracking system that gathers information and turns the appropriate color via cellular technology. 

Your gifting moment of the holidays is extended and it’s another way that technology is keeping us all connected especially when we might not be there to share in the moment together. This ornament is still in beta, but fingers crossed this could be available for the next holiday season!