#Motherhood -- Throw on a Smile and Laugh!

It's the week of Mother's Day!  The day where we celebrate all the moms in our lives and as a mother, you are smothered with even more kisses from your husband and your beautiful children.  Now, don't we wish all days could be like this?  The kisses, the smiles, the gifts, the pure admiration for the tough job that we as mothers take on…. Yeah…we can wish, but life happens! The crying, the one hundred things that keep your child from actually staying in their bed and going to sleep, dirty diapers, midnight feedings, talking back, and yep…the list could go on.  

There are these "fun" things about motherhood that we just have to sit back and laugh at.  My friend, Adam Oestreich, helped me by creating some of my fun phrases that I was spouting out with my experiences with my newborn, Carson.  He created these super creative graphics and I'm happy to release the first batch!

#Motherhood -- we just have to laugh :)

See the entire collection on Pinterest and pin away to share with your mommy friends!