iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Review from an Android Fangirl

After not having an iPhone in my hands for four years, Verizon asked if I would like to try out the iPhone 7. I immediately jumped at the opportunity as normally, I'm just trying a friends new iPhone for a couple of minutes and then handing it back. 

While flirting with the iPhone 7 for a month, I was able to decide whether or not Apple could win my heart away from Android... Watch the video to find out more of what happens! 

Plus, if you are looking for cool iPhone 7 cases, I tried some of those out as well! Read about those here.

Best iPhone 7 Case Options

While the iPhone 7 is a beautiful phone, I'm still someone who puts a case on to help protect it. I hate covering up the slim and sleek design, but dropping the phone and cracking the screen is much worse! 

When Verizon sent me the iPhone 7 to try out (watch the video here), they also sent a selection of cases to test out as well. This variety proves how different cases can be, so with this selection, you are sure to find one that fits your lifestyle!

Otterbox Commuter Series Case

Otterbox is known for it's 2-layer protection that can withstand drops, bumps and shock. As a mom with young children that often play with my phone, this is an excellent choice! 

Speck Presidio Clear Case

This clear case from Speck is one of your best bets if you are wanting to keep that sleek design of the iPhone 7 front and center. This dual-layer, impact resistant design will help protect your phone without taking away the focus of the phone's design. 



Milk and Honey Leather Pocket Clear Case

Pure protection and sophistication with this Milk and Honey case. This case is clear and also has vegan leather slots for credit cards and/or your ID. This was a favorite case as it cut down on the number of things I needed while running errands or out for the evening.



kate spade new york Clear Liquid Glitter Case 

This gorgeous kate spade glitter case had to be my ultimate favorite. It's clear hardshell case features glitter that moves as you move the phone. It's very lightweight, stunning, and one that will be a head-turner.