Buy or Bye: Ashley Chloe Helix Cuff Review

Looking for an awesome pair of Bluetooth headphones that double as a wearable? Check out the Ashley Chloe Helix Cuff. This product was revealed at CES 2016 and ever since then, I've been dying to get my hands on it. Find out in this video if I would "buy" or "bye" the Helix Cuff!

Purchase the Helix Cuff: http://savvy.life/BuyHelixCuff
Ashley Chloe Site: https://www.ashleychloe.com/

Lumo Lift Review: A Wearable to Improve your Posture

Remember all of those times your mother told you to stop slouching and stand up straight? As much as we hate to admit it, the health benefits are worth it and well....your mom was right! With so many of us working at desks, slouching over phones, and leaning over keyboards, we are putting ourselves at risk for back pain due to this poor posture. 

I tried out the Lumo Lift wearable for two weeks from Lumoid and this review is for their digital magazine, The Toggle. I was fascinated by the idea of being more aware of my posture throughout the day, so this was a fun product to review. 

The Lumo Lift is a wearable that will gently remind you if you are starting to slouch and help you improve your posture. Posture is related to everything from stress to confidence, appearance, and general well-being. So, we want to feel and look our best, right? 

Image via Lumo Bodytech

This wearable is placed either above your clothing or could even be placed on a woman's tank top or bra strap. This was the best place for me as I liked being able to hide that I was wearing it. Through the app, Lumo Lift will track your posture and activity. If you start getting out of the preferred position, you will receive a subtle vibration to remind you to straight up your posture every time you begin to slouch. 

Overall, I loved this technology! It isn't a "must-have" wearable, but if you are looking to improve posture and start feeling better throughout the day, this is your ticket! Check out Lumoid to try yours out! I'm sitting up a little bit taller as I'm typing this -- now it's your turn!

Hands-On Review of the Moto 360 2nd Generation Smartwatch

Trying to imagine my life without my Moto 360 is pretty tough, so when they announced the newest 2nd generation, my research started. Motorola finally realized that the one original size they had wasn't as appealing to women who also wanted a beautiful wearable. 

Image via  Wearable.com

Image via Wearable.com

Putting on the Moto 360 2nd generation feels quite different compared to the 1st generation. Much lighter, thinner, and of course, much smaller! Some of my biggest take-aways: 

  • The amazing amount of customization options available for this watch is a big hit. You can visit the Moto Maker to customize not only the size of the watch, but also the new finishes, bezels, and accents. For the straps, there is the leather version as well as the stylish double wrapped leather.
  • The watch starts at $299 and tops out at $450 depending on how you customize it with the Moto Maker. 
  • The “flat tire” as some people refer to this black piece on the front still returns from the first generation. However, this does help with the auto dimming or brightening of the screen. 
  • The battery did last a full day even with the ambient screen turned on, so with this being a smaller watch, it still packs a nice battery inside. Now, if you are a notification heavy user, the battery could go down much faster and you might be ready for a charge by the late evening.
  • The cool wireless charger also comes back and even though some have complained, it’s easy to travel with. 
  • The new Moto 360 is running the latest Android Wear and rumor has it that there is an update coming out any day that will give the watch even more of a boost in terms of how notifications will look.
  • The amount of watch faces available is always fun to play with and with the latest release of Android Wear, there are more to choose from and work directly with the fitness tracker. 

If you are interested in a smartwatch, this would be my first suggestion to you! Ladies -- especially YOU!