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Lumo Lift Review: A Wearable to Improve your Posture

Remember all of those times your mother told you to stop slouching and stand up straight? As much as we hate to admit it, the health benefits are worth it and well....your mom was right! With so many of us working at desks, slouching over phones, and leaning over keyboards, we are putting ourselves at risk for back pain due to this poor posture. 

I tried out the Lumo Lift wearable for two weeks from Lumoid and this review is for their digital magazine, The Toggle. I was fascinated by the idea of being more aware of my posture throughout the day, so this was a fun product to review. 

The Lumo Lift is a wearable that will gently remind you if you are starting to slouch and help you improve your posture. Posture is related to everything from stress to confidence, appearance, and general well-being. So, we want to feel and look our best, right? 

Image via Lumo Bodytech

This wearable is placed either above your clothing or could even be placed on a woman's tank top or bra strap. This was the best place for me as I liked being able to hide that I was wearing it. Through the app, Lumo Lift will track your posture and activity. If you start getting out of the preferred position, you will receive a subtle vibration to remind you to straight up your posture every time you begin to slouch. 

Overall, I loved this technology! It isn't a "must-have" wearable, but if you are looking to improve posture and start feeling better throughout the day, this is your ticket! Check out Lumoid to try yours out! I'm sitting up a little bit taller as I'm typing this -- now it's your turn!