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Babies Sleeping Through The Night -- It's Possible!

**This post was sponsored by Ergobaby.  I was compensated as well as receiving the products, but all opinions are my own.****


Do you have a brand new baby in your house?  Thinking you will never have a night where you aren't waking up a couple times to comfort a crying baby?  Trust me -- there is a product that was sent from heaven to help -- The Ergobaby Swaddler.  This has been a complete game-changer for us.  Carson was only getting up about once per night, but that still leaves you feeling pretty tired in the morning.  

Ergobaby sent me this swaddler and I was a little hesitant at first as Carson wasn't a big fan of other swaddlers we had tried.  The first night that we used the Ergobaby Swaddler, he slept right through!  In fact, he slept so soundly that we had to wake him up!!  What a "problem" to have, right?!

There are many benefits (per Rebecca Michi, trained Sleep Consultant) to swaddling:

  • Safer sleeping. Studies have found that newborn babies who are swaddled and placed on their backs in the crib are less likely to pull covers over the head. Swaddling also makes it harder for babies to turn over onto their fronts, thus further lessening the risk of suffocation. Once your baby can roll onto the front you must stop swaddling, but until then it can help to decrease the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Soothes the baby. There is a theory about the fourth trimester, which believes that babies are actually born three months too soon. This means that the more we can replicate conditions as they were in utero, the more we are able to soothe our newborns. Being swaddled can help newborn babies to feel safe and secure and therefore they are less likely to cry and more likely to sleep better.
  • It controls the startle reflex. Some babies can actually wake themselves this way and if you’ve ever witnessed it, you can see why! Being swaddled helps to control the startle, or Moro, reflex and thus further aiding better sleep. Preventing your newborn from moving her arms and legs involuntarily also helps to improve motor skills in general.
  • Babies cry less when swaddled. And why wouldn’t they? They’re feeling safe, secure and soothed in their little cocoon, so why would they cry unless they need something?
  • Swaddling is great for infant reflux. Babies with infant reflux respond well because the swaddle holds the body in a position that helps to prevent acid traveling back up the oesophagus. It also helps to soothe, as already discussed.

Give swaddling a try and if you have tried already, I suggest giving it another shot with the Ergobaby Swaddler!  


**This post is sponsored by Ergobaby**

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