GoPro HERO3 and Audi - What a Match!

Taking an Audi A4 from Silvercar through downtown Austin while the sun was setting was breathtaking!  Now, capturing it through a GoPro HERO3 -- that makes it even better! Feel like you are taking the drive with me in my newest video.  Remember, more cities are being added soon, but if you are in the Austin, Dallas, San Francisco, or LA area, you should check out Silvercar.  No lines, complimentary wifi in the car -- doesn't sound like an average rental experience to me!

Try it out for yourself and use the code 'StephanieC' to get $50 off your first rental.  Book fast for SXSW beacuse I'm sure they will go quickly!

This post was sponsored by Silvercar.

You've Got To Try Silvercar!

Silvercar was amazing and set up some complimentary days to try out their services!  This was a tech girl's dream come true -- especially when you get to drive such a cool car!  You can start by making reservations on their website, but that's no fun when they have an app (for both iPhone and Android).  I downloaded the app and got started right away and it was SIMPLE! Enter the dates, location (available in Austin, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles), time and then you are set.  They will pick you up from the airport and take you straight to the pick-up location -- NO MORE LINES!  Plus, all you need to do is take your phone out and scan the QR code on the windshield of one of the cars to get started.  Once you scan the code, the car unlocks (keys will be inside) and the truck opens for you -- crazy cool, right?  And then...well....drive off and enjoy!! 

And don't forget -- WiFi, Navigation, Satalite radio, and tolls are all included! 

Want to try it out for yourself?  Enjoy $50 off your first rental by using 'StephanieC' as a coupon code.  My only request?  Come back and tell me what you thought!

Sponsored by Silvercar.