Rent The Runway

My Experience with Rent The Runway

I've used Rent The Runway a couple of times and I'm seriously in LOVE. Not only could you get lost in the selection of beautiful clothing, their customer service is outstanding and that means a lot. 

If you haven't used Rent The Runway before, it's very simple. You can view all options online or on the iPhone app. The way it works is you can rent an outfit and/or accessories for your special event and once you are done, you just ship it back to them. They take care of all of the dry cleaning and of course, making you look amazing. 

I really enjoy using them because I always seem to stand in my closet and stare at the abundance of clothes, but still say "I have nothing to wear!" or "I've already worn that, I couldn't wear it again because someone will notice!" You laugh, but I know you have done the exact same thing. By using Rent The Runway, I have beautiful clothes to choose from at a fraction of the price and they won't be sitting in my closet collecting dust after wearing. 

For your next big date night or even a special event like a wedding, give Rent The Runway a try!

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Posted by My Savvy Life on Wednesday, July 15, 2015