5 Ways To Avoid Being a Digital Hoarder

The "confession" is out there..... I'm a digital hoarder. I know I'm not alone, so hopefully these five tips will help you manage your digital life a little bit better! 

Want to get your hands on the services I mentioned in the video? Check out these links below to get you started! 

  1. Unroll.Me

  2. Inbox by Gmail

  3. Pocket App

  4. Great Suspender

  5. Google Photos

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4 Apps To Keep Your Life in Order


Life as a momtrepreneur and wife gets hectic. I’ve been known to max out my multi-tasking efforts before 8 a.m. – you moms out there who review speech notes while packing lunches know exactly what I mean.

So I rely on a few trusted apps to help me organize, focus and communicate. My to-do list is clear, I’m never without important documents, and I can keep others up to speed on the things they’ve missed.
These 4 time-saving apps snagged a spot on my screen this month.

1.    Wunderlist helps me create personal task lists, like my grocery list (no more trying to remember if Drew said Wheat Thins or Bagel Thins!). We can both manage the lists from our own accounts making it easy to access the list at the store and know that it is the latest version.  It also houses items we need for our home projects, and syncs with all our devices so we can add and view tasks wherever we are.

2.    Dropbox keeps important papers secure so I can access them anywhere. It also automatically stores my smartphone photos, which makes it super easy to show the grandparents! I share documents, music and graphics without having to email links – very convenient.

3.    Evernote separates my blog content, videos, images and decorating ideas in to handy digital notebooks. From my account, I share certain notebooks with Drew, so we can share the information.  It’s great because Drew can easily access room-dimension info when shopping for home-improvement items. That means there’s a great chance that cool mirror he bought will fit on the wall!  Plus, I can take a photo of a note that I wrote on paper making it instantly available on all my devices and even searchable!

4.    Pocket allows me to keep up on the content I crave. I send articles and interesting images to Pocket, and then review them later. Everything is sorted by content, so sharing is a breeze on Twitter or Pinterest. Gotta love that.  Who knew you could get so much done even while standing in line at the grocery store!

So on the  mornings where I’m gearing up to tout a new product while trying desperately to slow down Chase and feed Carson, I can breathe a little easier knowing that my appointments are saved, our vacation pictures are safe and Drew can check out that cool chandelier I like … on his time.