Password Manager

How To: Manage Your Online Passwords

With so many passwords that we have to manage in our lives, it can become overwhelming. Plus, many of us have taken the easy way out by using non-secure passwords in order to make our lives easy. Not a good idea...  Find out why using a password manager is in your future! 

Next problem? With so many to choose from, how can I help? Well, I'll help by telling you my favorite, 1Password! It’s available on multiple devices and helps store other data (like credit card information) besides just passwords.  It’s easy to get started and as you can guess by the name, there is only one password that you need to remember. This one password will unlock your vault where you store all of your information. 1Password will help you create strong passwords for every new site you visit and will store it in the vault, so anytime you need to go back to the site, you can have your password stored and you are set. 

Watch the video to learn more!