Nokia Lumia 830 First Impressions

#LumiaSwitch: First Impressions with the Nokia 830


**I am a #LumiaSwitch Project participant and I received loan of a device from Microsoft to post my opinions about Lumia products.** 

One week down and a whole campaign to go! This was an exciting first week with the Nokia Lumia 830! Everything has been easy to set up with transferring over contacts, email, etc. Mine was pretty simple as it is all saved in Google, so once I was logged into Google on the Lumia, all information was there and available for me.

In the video, I mention a couple of the quick first impressions:

1. Size: Now that I'm use to the size of the Samsung Note 4, it's hard to go back to a "normal" sized phone like the Lumia. However, the form-factor of the phone is excellent and fits well in your hand. Curves in all the right places!

2. Apps: I was able to download many of the apps I use daily, but some are still missing for me. For the apps that I'm using, it's taking a little bit to get use to how the apps operate as they are slightly different from those on my Note 4. For example, Instagram is still in beta, so there aren't as many options in terms of editing the photo, shooting video, and tagging friends. My friend, C.C. Chapman, suggested I check out 6tag which has many of the missing features (tagging friends, maps, etc). 

3. Camera: When I originally announced that I was a part of the #LumiaSwitch campaign, the number of people that told me how amazing the Lumia camera is was shocking. They are right, though! I'll be running some side-by-side testing of the camera to hopefully share the differences I'm noticing between the Lumia 830 and my Samsung Note 4.

I'll be updating more on my Facebook page as well, so come and join in!