No Rinse Wash

Magical Moments with Baby Magic!

*Sponsored post by Baby Magic

Even before I was a mom, I could remember babysitting kids that used Baby Magic.  I would always love giving them baths and then putting lotion on them because then my hands would smell so fresh -- just like a baby.  There is no smell that compares! 


It was so great to receive some new products from Baby Magic in the mail.  There was one in particular that fascinated me --- The No Rinse Wash.  Pure genius! I can't tell you the number of times this product could have come in handy when Chase was little.  Even now, I'm sure we could use it!  Trust me, this product will be a staple item in Carson's diaper bag. 

The next two products were the Soft Cotton Blooms Hair and Body Wash and the Lavendar and Chamomile Calming Lotion.  Both of these smelled SOO good!  The boys' hair smelled fresh even a couple hours after the bath and the lotion was the perfect last step before going down for the night.  You can't go wrong with a calming lotion! 

You can find Baby Magic products at retailors like Amazon, Walgreens, Toys R Us, Walmart, and more!  Find a location nearest you on their website.

*Sponsored post by Baby Magic