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Take Control Over Your Inbox with Unroll.Me

*This post has been sponsored by Unroll.me, but all opinions are mine and mine alone*

Anyone else have a LOT going on inside their inboxes? Emails just keep piling up and makes it much harder to manage and keep on top of things. However, there is some help! Unroll.Me is a service that has helped over two million people take control over their inboxes and now they are releasing a brand new iOS app. Being able to swipe your way to a slimmer inbox has never been this easy! 

So how does this work? We break it down for you in the video, but here is a quick rundown: 

After connecting your email to the app, it then back scans your email 45 days looking for subscriptions inside your inbox. Once finished, here is where the decisions begin. You can unsubscribe right from the app (it won't show up in your inbox again), roll it up into the daily digest called The Rollup (schedule this rollup of emails to be delivered morning, afternoon, or in the evening).

As the subscriptions are presented on the screen, just start swiping!

  • Swipe left to unsubscribe.
  • Swipe up to add to your Rollup.
  • Swipe right to keep the subscription in your inbox. 

Multiple email addresses can be connected to the app and the following email services will work with the Unroll.Me app: Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, iCloud, and Outlook.com.

If you're ready to take control over your inbox, install Unroll.Me on your iOS device and start enjoying email again! 

Love their video they shared of six people trying it out for the first time... "Unsubscribe...Unsubscribe..."