How to download photos from Instagram

How to Download Photos & Videos from Instagram

You have all of these amazing photos saved on your Instagram account, but now how do you get them off Instagram? It isn't easy to download them from Instagram, so here are three different ways you can download your Instagram either one by one or a complete download. Plus, I'll share a tip on how to download your photos in real-time using IFTTT. 

If you want to go through and just save particular photos from your stream, here’s an easy website that will allow you to save photos to your computer one at a time.

The website, Gramfeed allows you to sign-in with your Instagram, click on My Photos, and then click on the photo you would like to download. Once the photo opens, click on download and you are done. 

If saving them one at a time doesn’t sound like fun, try 4K Stogram. This is an Instagram downloader that works for both Macs and PCs. This is a program that needs to be downloaded to your computer, but once it's downloaded, it's very simple to use. Enter an Instagram name in the search bar and it will automatically start the download of the entire account to your computer. After the download is complete, move those files to Dropbox to save for later!

My third suggestion is something that will help you moving forward! Instead of having Instagram save the photos to your phone after posting them, use an IFFT recipe to save them to Dropbox for you! That way, you aren’t using your phones storage and you’ll have all your photos saved in case you want to make something special with them!  

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