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New Interactive Storybooks from Hallmark

It was so much fun to try out the new "Be a Part of the Story" Interactive Storybooks from Hallmark!  Chase couldn't believe that the book was asking HIM questions and would respond depending on what he said.  As you can see from the video, I think there were times where he didn't know what to do -- how often is a book asking YOU questions?

With the stories, you will read the highlighted lines aloud and then the main character will chime in with a special question or a choice for your child.  Once you little one answers, the story continues with one of several responses.  Each book has more than 30 possibilities, so each time you read the book together it will feel like a new experience! 

Now....are these available for grown-ups?! (I wish!)

*Hallmark provided me with a copy of the book for the review.*