GoPro Wedding Bouquet Video

High-Tech Wedding Additions

Today, Drew and I celebrate our two year wedding anniversary! One way we added some high-tech fun to our special day was to add a GoPro to my bouquet to capture a view that not many are able to see....my view as I walked down the aisle! Our creativity was even picked up by NBC News and The New York Times.

So now, two years later, what would I add to continue the fun "high tech" trend? Here are two additions:

Image via Appy Couple

Image via Appy Couple


Looking for a modern wedding website as well as an interactive app that lets you manage and share the most important details of your wedding? Meet Appy Couple! Some details include your RSVPs, travel accommodations for guests, registry information, or a timeline all in one convenient, stylish place. Even drag-and-drop interface - almost builds itself!


  1. Truly an all-in-one integrated wedding website and wedding app. No more trying to manage a patchwork of difficult-to-use accounts for such tasks as photo sharing, website creation, email invitations, etc. Appy brings everything together for you. Create the elegant wedding website AND app in once place and publish anywhere - on any device. 
  2. Guest list, RSVP tools and more that will delight you. Forget those headaches about your to-do tasks. Manage your guest list and RSVPs by uploading your list from within your app or website. Even send personalized emails that match your design! Appy then sends you push notifications when your guests RSVP, so you can keep your guest list updated in real time. Those RSVP cards that have to be mailed in? GONE!  Another thing your guests will love you for! Guests also have access to travel information, registries, dining options and more (even child care, weather, directions, and local services). Trust me, Appy has thought of it ALL. 
  3. Best features? THE FUN ONES! 
    • Photos: Not only can you add your photos, videos, and story, but so can your friends. That's something no one else lets you do! Your friends can not only add pictures of you directly from their phone but also edit them and add filters so they can make them look extra amazing. 
    • Digital Keepsakes: Virtual champaign toasts, digital guestbook, an iTunes Playlist to which your guests can contribute - these are native app features that allow your guests to share in your wedding journey....all from day ONE.


Another amazing idea that not only helps you AND your guests by making registering and purchasing wedding gifts easy. How can that happen? Well...by putting everything in ONE place. 

Traditional wedding registries assume you are the kind of person that shops at one store. (Who does that?) Thankful Registry lets you add gifts from anywhere. That's right...anywhere. Etsy? No problem. Your favorite obscure online retailer? Easy. You can even add things like charity donations, gift cards, fun experiences, memberships, or subscriptions to your registry. Plus, guests have the option to use PayPal Checkout to send money online at their discretion. I love the quote from Thankful Registry's found, Kathy Cheng, saying, "Anything goes, and that's the way it should be. People have so many passions, interests and things they care about. Why shouldn't friends and family give more creative, personal, and useful gifts?"

Thankful Registry is also really easy to use - you grab items using a toolbar button, kind of like with Pinterest - and highly customizable. You can upload a cover photo to your page, assign feature gifts, and even include notes about how you plan on using a gift or why a specific charity is meaningful to you. Basically, you can show how much thought you have put into your registry, which in turns encourages your guests to put more thought into what they are buying you. 

One place to house your registry and one place for your guests to go? Easy. Sign me up. 

Tech continues to change every single day, but my favorite pieces of new technology has to be the ones that continue to make lives simple.

Our GoPro Wedding Bouquet Featured in The New York Times


We were contacted a couple of months ago about our GoPro wedding video by a writer for The New York Times and what a surprise to wake up to a Google Alert that the story made it online and in print.  This will be the third major feature for our creative idea! GoPro featured the video, NBC News, and now The New York Times!

An excerpt:

Even the bride and groom can be behind the camera. For her April 2013 wedding in Austin, Tex., Stephanie (Wonderlin) Carls tucked a GoPro camera into her bouquet. She secured it in florist’s foam with wire. “It was unique, and gave the bride’s view — my view — of walking down the aisle,” she said.

Read the full article here.

Since then, we have continued to use the GoPro in fun ways: honeymoon highlightsgender reveal, family vacation to Hilton Head Island, promoting Silvercar by taking a drive through Austin, Carson as a Gerber Taste Tester, boys on the Hot Wheels Jeep, and even partnering with Ergobaby.

See all videos (including our wedding video) by clicking the links or even checking out the playlist below:


Having your story featured in The New York Times is amazing, but to see it in print is even better. To make the day even more special ---> It is the two year anniversary of Drew proposing. What an amazing way to celebrate!