Gift Cards on Mobile

Who Carries Gift Cards Anymore? Use Gyft!

Who loves getting gift cards? ME -- TOTALLY ME! Love getting the gift card, but then having to worry about carrying it around with me or what the remaining balance is? Forget it. But let's think about what is with us all.of.the.time.... our phones! I came across Gyft and I am really enjoying the app! Not only is it saving me from worrying about where my gift cards are, it's also making gift giving really easy!

Gyft is a free app that not only keeps all of your gift cards in one handy spot, it allows you to purchase gifts for others (and you get rewarded for it)!  Hundreds of retailers are available (Sephora, Gap, Kohls, etc), so you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for your special someone.  Speaking of gifts, I typically don't like when apps want to connect to my social channels, but I like the reminders from Gyft about my friends' birthdays on Facebook. Makes it simple to pop in the app and get them a little something to let them know I was thinking about them!

Image via Gyft

Gyft is available on both iPhone and Android, so download it today and start making your wallet and purse much lighter! Need some helpful tips to get the most out of the app? Check out this post from Gyft on their top five tips!