Easy Peezy

ADHD or Sleep Apnea? Join Me In Supporting Easy Peezy!

**This post is sponsored by Easy Peezy. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.**

When it comes to our children and their health, we only want the very best -- especially the diagnosis!  I've teamed up with the Easy Peezy team to help build awareness around their product, The Easy Peezy Pee Test.  

It's cute when you see kids start snoring when they are sleeping!  But it could be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  If undiagnosed, OSA could lead to obesity and high blood pressure, as well as hyperactivity, learning disabilities and behavior problems that are often misdiagnosed as ADHD.  Diagnosing OSA can be tough as it involves an uncomfortable overnight stay for a sleep test.  Who sleeps well through that?  This then leads to kids being prescribed medication that they don't need as the diagnosis of ADHD is given.  

This is where Easy Peezy comes in.  This is a fast, simple, and more accurate way to detect OSA in kids.  Skip the hassle, cost, and discomfort of an overnight stay in a sleep lab and they can pee in a cup instead! Plus, the test has shown in a recent study that it has a 96.5% accuracy rate in diagnosing OSA in children!

Easy Peezy is working on finishing the development and clinical validation of the Easy Peezy Pee Test so pediatricians can use it and parents can ask for it!  They need our help first! They have launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to help raise $100,000 to help get the test tested, approved, and in the hands of doctors and parents.

I personally have not had to go through the worry of testing my child for ADHD, but I have friends who have and it is one long and difficult process.  Please join me in helping Easy Peezy raise awareness and funds to help make this test available to doctors and families.