Charlie Gilkey

The Creative Giant Show, Episode 42: My Savvy Life


Thanks to Charlie Gilkey for having me as a guest on The Creative Giant Show. Charlie is an amazing interviewer and it was fun to share my story with his audience. We covered a lot through the show, but here are some of the highlights: 

  • How I got interested in social media, video, and putting them together

  • Why it’s important to turn down opportunities that don’t fit your goals

  • How to take time off when “social is a 24/7 job”

  • Why the number of Twitter followers you have is far less important than whether you can get people to act

  • Why technology can isolate us more, at the same time that it gives us more ways to connect with each other

  • Why there can be surprising differences between how we’re perceived online and in person

  • Why a lot of college students are getting off of Facebook

  • Why your personal profile and your business profile can never be completely separate

See more about the show here and you can also listen below: 

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