Best Kept Self RX Box

Best Kept Self RX Subscription Box Has Arrived!


I don't think the excitement of letters or boxes in the mail for YOU really ever goes away. (Ok, minus the bills!) Subscription boxes seem to be available from all different types of companies, but when Best Kept Self announced they were opening the RX Box with their team's picks in each one, I knew it would be amazing.  

Their newest box is completely jam-packed with goodies!

1.  Fashion Emergency Kit with 14 essentials to keep you put together (literally!) during your day. You never know when you might need this! (Picked by Megan, BKS Personal Stylist)

2 & 3. Dry Brushing Kit to keep your body smooth and the list of benefits seems endless! Exfoliation, softer and tighter skin, reduces cellulite, boosts circulation, and MORE! (Picked by Jessie, BKS Health Coach)

4. Deep Steep Bubble Bath to rejuvenate you after a long day. This smells like heaven and I noticed on the bottle it says "our bubbles + you = queen for a day" --> well, I'm SOLD! Bring on the bubbles! (Picked by Kristin, BKS Beauty Expert)

5. Argan oil has been a recent favorite of mine. I love that this has been included because I feel like I can't be without this product ever again. Use it directly on your skin, add it to moisturizer, or even in your hair. (Picked by Shauna, BKS Founder)

6. Powerocks Super Magicstick charger will keep me powered up and ready to go even after a busy day. These portable chargers are excellent to pop in your bag or car to have handy for those moments where you notice your cell phone battery is about to check out for the day. (Picked by Margaret, BKS Career Coach)

The last item in the box was my favorite though.... a letter of gratitude. This letter was for me, but it also included another letter for me to copy and send to three other people to show my gratitude towards THEM. "Gratitude works because it's shared" I'm excited to share this with other amazing women and remind them how special they are in my life. 

The Best Kept Self team does it yet again... Taking the idea of a subscription box and bringing it to a completely different level. With items from each of their team members, it shows their commitment to sharing their favorite products that keep them feeling like their "best kept selves".  Can't wait to try all of these products! I'll have to come back and update this blog with my findings!