Android Wear Tips

Top Android Wear Apps | September 2016

Finding the top Android Wear apps can be tricky! Here are the three I've been using the most for September:

Sookie Says: http://savvy.life/2dmUH8Q
GLOW Watch Face: http://savvy.life/glowwatchface
Google Device Manager (Find my Phone): http://savvy.life/2cXqflV

Missed some of the past Android Wear videos? No problem! Here's the playlist with all of them: http://savvy.life/1YoQZhk

Getting Started with Android Wear Voice Commands

Voice commands will help unlock everything your Android Wear smartwatch has to offer. Everything from appointments and holidays to emails and fitness can be accessed from your wrist. These will be some easy ways to start using voice commands and leave your phone in your pocket or purse!

How To: Extend Your Android Wear Battery Life

We love our smartwatches, but with all of the things we ask it to do with notifications, searches, apps, etc., the battery doesn't last long. Ready for some tips to get your battery to stretch into another day? I've got five tweaks that can make that happen!