Android Phone Quiz

Help Finding the Android Phone of Your Dreams


As an iPhone user have you ever been even a little bit curious about all of the Android phones on the market? As a past iPhone user, I think I ignored most of the Android phones until I was introduced to the Samsung phones. Amazing! But, a story for another day. Even as an Android user, you still might be missing out on the other options available to you, so Google has simplified that process.

This week, Google launched a site that helps pick your next Android phone for you. On the site, click ‘Get Started,’ and you’ll be asked to pick from 12 different categories that will describe how you expect to use the phone, such as taking photos, social media use, productivity, or staying fit. 


Inside each category, Google directs you to other questions to understand how important that aspect of the phone is to you. How often do you post, check-in and browse on social media? Less that 1 hour a day? Up to 2 hours a day? Choose one, answer any other questions the site asks of you, and then move on to a new category. 

Once you have completed at least three categories, a button will appear that says ‘Show Me Phones.’ You’ll then choose your carrier and three phones will appear.  From there, you can customize your choices base on screen size, price and release date. 

In the market for a new phone? Go ahead and give the quiz a shot this weekend to see which phone it pairs you with!