#BestKeptSelfie with Best Kept Self

When asked if I would like to participate in the Best Kept Self Stop The Madness (#BestKeptSelfie) campaign, I had NO reservations!  Shauna and her team continue to inspire women to stop the negative talk about themselves and to be nothing but the amazing women they are!  

My Best Kept Self is: 

My Best Kept Self is Passionate, Vibrant, and Determined! ~ Stephanie Wonderlin Carls

We have to make sure we are providing the confidence for all of the young girls that follow in our footsteps.  Confidence starts with us....Confidence travels.  When you watch the video below, you realize the lies we tell ourselves.  

Stand up. Be a GIRL. Be Proud. Be Confident. Stop The Madness.

These are only some of the photos collected and shared on Instagram. To see more, visit the Best Kept Selfie page!