Stephanie Carls on FOX 29 San Antonio Daytime at Nine: Tech for the Whole Family

Let's "TECH" it out! My Savvy Life headed to San Antonio to review some tech ideas for the whole family! Here's a quick rundown of the product featured in the segment: 

Dash & Dot from Wonder Workshop: Your kids will LOVE Dash & Dot! These programmable robots help teach kids ages five and up how to code through hands-on, interactive play. Open up a world of creativity and fun with the lovable robots that bring imaginations to life, encourage problem solving and multiply curiosity. Multiple apps available for both iOS and Android.

#Cube: Stream your Instagram feed right into this cool frame! This is your chance to display the people, places, and things you are into. You can stream any Instagram user, a hashtag, or your feed. Even "like" photos right from the top of the frame!

Withings Aura: Ready to wake up without a blaring alarm clock? The Aura alarm clock will help you go to sleep and wake up with light! It's a bedside system that uses light and sound to make falling asleep and waking up a lot easier. This is a lamp and speaker combo packed with sensors that constantly monitor the temperature, ambient light, and noise in the room. It works alongside a thin sensor mat that slides under a mattress and monitors a sleeper's heart rate, breathing patterns, and body movements.

Canary Home Security from Verizon: Verizon has lots of powerful tech solutions to be able to keep your home safe while you're away for the holidays or out for long periods at a time. Canary Home Security is simple! It's a complete home security system in one device. It adapts to your home and when it detects something out of the ordinary, it sends notifications with HD video right to your smartphone. It's also equipped with automatic night vision. Easy set-up and no monthly fees! The system also allows you to monitor air quality, temperature and humidity to help understand how your home might affect your health. 

Wifi Baby 4: Wifi Baby 4 is a wireless-network based camera that allows parents to stay connected anywhere with password-protected video, audio and notifications via apps on iOS or Android devices. Parents will have a peace of mind with the new 2015 version with HD video, a 35% wider field of view, improved night vision and the option to stream to Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, and Fire TV. Designed with the modern parent in mind, the app still allows multitasking like email, text, and use of others apps while being alerted with background audio or notifications when baby is crying.