Meet ZoZbot: The Future of Robo-Gaming

Gaming is taking on a whole new level called "Robo-Gaming" with the introduction of CutThroatRobotics's ZoZbot. ZoZbot is a crazy-fun (and affordable!) robotic platform that plays games controlled by your smartphone. Designed for users of all ages, this customizable gaming experience can transform into something new each time you show up to play. 

In the video below, you will be able to see ZoZbot in action. To break it down as you watch, ZoZbot is a smartphone controlled modular robot that plays a game called ZoZball in a modular stadium known as the ZoZadium. Players can personalized their ZoZbot with additional modules and features such as cameras, sounds, lights, actuators, weapons, avatars and more to adapt it to different games, appearances and functionality. In fact, these modules can be stacked through the robot's interface giving you endless possibilities for play!

Looks pretty cool, right?

All ages can enjoy the endless fun and creativity. By using the ZoZulator, you have the opportunity to test your ideas before making hacks, requesting new ZoZmods, or even putting your game out for other ZoZfans to try as well. 

ZoZbot is debuting at CES (booth #80035), but you can be one of the first to experience ZoZbot by supporting their Indiegogo campaign here: igg.me/at/zozbot

Plus, connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with their launch.