Legendary Luxury: 2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label


The all-new redeisgned 2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label is luxury redefined. As this car rolled into my driveway for the week, my jaw immediately dropped. The Chalet theme on the inside takes your breath away.  This is one car I could live in.


The interior is both modern and classic. Even the doors have a modern twist on them as they open with a touch of a button triggering the electric latch. Details of chrome, wood, and leather upholstery immediately make you feel as though you've slipped into your own private jet. Comfort is guaranteed as the seats can be adjusted 30 different ways. The infotainment screen featured Sync® 3 controlled navigation, climate, audio, and additional apps. Having the ability to use Apple Car Play and Android Auto is a treat, but I did not end up using them. The Harman Kardon-engineered, 19-speaker Revel Ultima sound system was fabulous and even had beautifully designed speaker grills in the doors, too.


The Continental Black Label starts at $63,840, but the fully loaded 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine and all-wheel drive Black Label I briefly sampled stickered for $77,170. The drive is smooth and can defiantly hold it's own on the starting line. The V-6 engine has a mean howl to it when the pedal is pushed. Steering feels light and gives great feedback when driving through twisty roads. When rolling in on the 20-inch wheels, you'll be turning heads. 


Although driving this beauty is nothing but amazing, the ultimate luxury can be found in the back seat. This car was equipped with an executive-style Rear Seat Amenities package which supplies the rear seats with heating, ventilation, massage, and recline features. However, it was the rear center armrest that had even more executive touches. The climate, audio, and even a power rear window shade could all be adjusted via the controls. Who wouldn't want to be chauffeured around town in this car?


The 2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label truly has marked it's spot in the luxury market and I think we can all hope to see it remain. It was hard to give this car back, but until I have my chauffeur hired, I'll have to continue to drive myself. 

*Photography by Weston Carls 

* Review vehicle provided on behalf of Ford Motor Company