How To Create a Digital Signature Using Your FaceTime Camera

I'm not sure about you, but when I receive a document in my email that requires me to sign and return via email, I cringe.  We do have a scanner at home, but the keyword in this sentence is "home".  If you travel or are just aren't near a scanner at the time the document is sent and then due back, you are left without many great options.  

'E-Signature" services are also an option, but not all documents are sent through these platforms and there are only so many free trials you can sign up for.  So, let's get down to business and I'll tell you how you can create a digital signature with a sheet of paper, Sharpie, and your FaceTime camera on your Mac.  

1.  Open a document that you would like to sign in Preview.

2.  Click on the Tools icon, this will activate the menu with the Signature icon.

Digital Signature Instructions

3.  After clicking on "Create Signature From FaceTime HD Camera," your camera will turn on and you will be presented with a box with instructions.  

Digital Signature Instructions 2

4.  Hold the piece of paper with your signature on it up to your Mac's camera, resting the bottom of the signature on the blue line you see on the instructions above.  Once you are pleased with the digital preview, click "Accept" and you are done!

5.  You will be returned to the document; click on the same signature icon that we clicked on previously.  Now you will see your digital signature listed, ready to be placed into your document.