Hands-On with the Neo N2 Smartpen

It's been fun to spend some time with the Neo N2 Smartpen and get a feel for it! I've traveled with it, used it during meetings, and now, I really can't imagine my life without it. I think the idea of a "smartpen" is still new to people, so let's make sure we clear this up first....


A smartpen allows you write on paper while what you are writing is captured into digital form to an app for organization, sharing, etc. For me, this has to be my favorite part. I always carry a pen, notebook, and laptop into meetings as I love to take notes on paper instead of typing them. Studies have proven that you will retain and comprehend more when writing them down. However, this causes extra work if a coworker wants me to share my notes as I'll need to type them up. Or, when trying to find a specific note, you are left rummaging through past notebooks and notes. 


So how does this cool technology work? With the Neo N2, it does require smart notebooks that have a patented NCode technology which records each pen stroke. Neo offers an array of notebook styles as well as a brand new program that will allow you to print your own paper at home. 

As you write, you are able to change the color as well as the thickness. This has been handy for me to do quick drawings or just show emphasis on a particular part of the note. Once you have finished with the note, you can transcribe it into text, email, or share on Evernote or Goole Drive. Plus, tagging your notes is available for searching later and the search feature is pretty spot on as well. 


The Neo N2 Smartpen’s app, Neo Notes works for both iOS and Android. So, go ahead, take out your pen and start taking the notes that you’ll remember and can keep on all of your devices. The pen of the future is finally here!