Forgotten Phone or Dead Phone? Welcome To Hotel My Phone

We have all been there... We realize we have forgotten our phones or our the battery dies right when your evening is supposed to begin. Instead of feeling stuck and cut off from communication, now you can download Hotel My Phone

Hotel My Phone is an app that is available on both iPhone and Android that will allow you to borrow someone else's smartphone to send texts and make calls from your number.  You start by downloading the app on your phone which will give permissions for the app to have access to your call and SMS data.  Your gracious friend that allows you to use their phone can download the app and you are able to access all of your information.  As you reply to texts and calls, it will still appear as if you are using your own phone since your phone number is shown.  Once you are finished just log out of the app and the borrowed phone will no longer have access to your information. Cool, right?

After reading some reviews from users, it sounds like some bugs are appearing, but it's an excellent start and even more features (and fixes) will be coming soon.  This will be a new app I'll be downloading as you never know if you might need it.  Be prepared!

Here's a demonstration and review by Walt Mossberg at Re/Code:

Image via Hotel My Phone