Fashion Meets Technology: Introducing WiseWear

Wearables have come a long way, but when we look at what is coming for 2016, the market is completely changing. In previous years, fashion has taken a backseat as well as functionality. In 2016, WiseWear is one company who will dominate the playing field because they have done the research to see what women are looking for. Fashion, connectivity, and safety.


The WiseWear Socialite™ Collection is a line of luxury smart jewelry created to inspire women to be smart, safe, and connected. With this effortless style, women can monitor their health, safety, and even mobile notifications. 

So how does one of these beauties work? Socialite connects to your phone so you can receive real-time mobile notifications in the form of gentle vibrations. This includes incoming calls, text messages, emails, alarms, and calendar reminders. 

My favorite part has to be the safety feature though... The safety function allows you to send a distress signal to your pre-approved list of contacts, along with optional geolocation and sound/video recording of your surroundings. 


You can manage your list of pre-approved contacts, vibration patterns, touch patterns, types of notifications, and more on the Socialite app which is available for both iOS as well as Android. Now you can filter out the unnecessary noise, and keep you connected to the people and things that matter most. But what's even better is you can feel like you can put your phone away, enjoy the moments around you, all while knowing you won't miss a beat. 

Also, for those that have felt left out of the wearables game due to sensitive skin, WiseWear has thought of that as well. Each bracelet is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. 



The WiseWear Socialite™ Collection comes in three different styles: the Calder, Kingston, and the Duchess. Each available in gold or silver. Ready for another cool surprise? You have the ability to mix and match different styles with the simple detachment of the top and bottom halves giving you the mixed metal look.

These bracelets launch in late January and I'm excited to continue to share all about their launch. Fashion and tech are merging with WiseWear. I have no doubts this will be a huge success!