Smoking the Competition: 2018 Ford Mustang GT Review


I mentioned in my first Instagram post on this car that I couldn't help but listen to AC/DC's Back in Black as I was editing these photos. And no... definitely not kidding. This car was pure BAD...well...you know what I mean. ;-) Let's get into how this baby performed though!


Under the hood of this redesigned 2018 Ford Mustang GT lies a 5.0-liter V8 that produces 460 hp at 7,000 rpm and 420 lb-ft of torque at 4,600 rpm. Need any translation? Let me help you with that. FAST and POWERFUL. The model I was driving had the all-new-ten-speed automatic—a $1,595 option on all Mustangs. Plus, the Mustang team added a new drag strip mode which can help you reach 60 mph in under 5 seconds. Did I test this? Yes. 


The exterior changes from the 2017 to the 2018 include a flattening of the hood for better forward visibility and standard LED lighting all around. This model had the added GT Performance package and these 19-inch Ebony Black-Painted aluminum wheels helped take this look over-the-top. Fun fact for you: This package also added the performance rear wing, but it is for looks only! Ford's wind-tunnel group already had the Mustang's high-speed, front-to-rear aero balance where they wanted it. 


Inside, the 2018 model doesn't change much from the 2017 model. Although I didn't have this option in the model I was driving, the new, optional 12 inch digital instrument cluster with a reconfigurable screen keyed to the selected driving mode (Normal, Sport+, Drag Strip, Track, or Snow/Wet). These were still accessible via the toggle switches in the center console. 


This was exhilarating to drive and I thoroughly enjoyed putting it to the test on the city streets of both Dallas and Austin. While driving on the highway, cruise control was a must for those with a lead foot. And yes...I'd be describing myself.

Nice work on the redesign, Ford! Classic lines. Modern attitude. 

*Photography by Weston Carls
*Review vehicle provided on behalf of Ford Motor Company