Creative Pregnancy Photos!

I'm a total sucker for having fun photos to help create memories of special times.  For my pregnancy photos, I kept seeing such adorable photo ideas on Pinterest, but I kept wanting to take photos that were fun for OTHERS to enjoy too.  We can leave some sweet ones for our own scrapbooks, but if I'm going to post photos on social, they are going to be FUN and creative!  Plus -- these were all taken by Drew and myself -- you can do these too!

First, I started with the pregnancy silhouette photo... Turned out just as I wanted!


 Next up... Let's have some FUN with this adorable baby bump!


Getting even closer to the due date (2 weeks to go!) we got Chase involved too!


And nope...we aren't done! Probably one more is coming before Baby Carls arrives.  I'll be sure to update the post!